10 Things you must ask your Designer before you Start your Project

Before beginning your house building project, there are many things to be taken care of, and it is wise to consult and ask your designer about some things before you jump start with your housing project.

1. Ask for examples of work with your preferred taste and budget

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Make sure you ask your designer for samples from previous work that match your style and tastes. It will help you decide even your budget and can also make necessary alterations. Also consider getting information and other deets with regards to the Best Interior Designers project

2. Ask for references

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Ask for references from your designer and see what their clients have given as a feedback to their work. This will give you an idea what kind of work the designers provide. You will also get insights on the designers are offering.

3. Ask if they provide discount fees

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Since designers have links with retailers, manufacturers as well as other designers, they always tend to purchase the materials on a discount. So it is always good to before you finalize your project

4. Ask if they charge hourly rate or on room basis

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Designers usually charge their clients on an hourly basis or based on the room. But they demand an average price, so it is better to ask for it beforehand and finalize the rates.

5. Ask if your proposed budget is reasonable to them

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Before you start the project, consider taking confirmation from them for the budget that you plan for your house or room. It is better to ask this question before you because the designer will have an idea what and how to create in your given budget.

6. Ask the time it will take for the completion of project

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Ask your designer the time duration by which they will be able to complete the project. Also make sure that they are solely working on your project and complete it within your given deadline. If they are simultaneously involved with other projects,

7. Ask what a successful project means to them

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Your designer should be able to design your space in a manner that reflects your personality and spirit. Asking them what their idea of a successful project is, will help you discover the depth of their understanding and involvement in creating and designing your space in a better manner.

8. Ask what they need from you to successfully undertake the project

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It is better to have a clear cut discussion with your designer with regards to what are all the things they need from you to successfully complete the project. Well, apart from the fee they charge, there will be certain details and other requirements they will have and make sure you ask and fulfill those.

9. What are the steps they are taking in designing the project

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Ask your designer how and what steps they are taking to begin the project, for example, ask them from which room or which area of the house they are .

10. What are the challenges they are facing in designing the project

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Also ask them in general, what are the challenges faced by them while designing an home with Best Interior Designers in Bangalore home project. If necessary, render them help and take account of all the difficulties faced and give them support wherever necessary.

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