11 Kitchen details you ignore while building your kitchen

Kitchen is the centerpiece of your home. It is a place where the humble homemakers spend most of their time. But there are some errors people make while building the kitchen. They tend to overlook the tiny details that can be of great importance.
Let’s have a look at some of the kitchen essentials that are quite often ignored while decorating the .

1. Space consideration:

dining area near kitchen.

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2. Lighting and fans in the kitchen

Lighting and fans are something which people ignore while building it. Lack of proper lighting makes a place dim and gloomy. Fan can be most useful in summer days. A ceiling fan can be fixed according to the Modular Kitchen Designs Bangalore.

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3. Cabinets

Cabinet gives opportunity to inject a little more personality into your kitchen space. Cabinets should be placed according to the availability of space. Go for bold color on kitchen cabinets to please them.

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4. Ventilation

Spices, oil, deep frying are nature of Indian cooking. Ventilation should be provided to avoid smells by provision of air to pass through. A chimney or exhaust fan must be provided in every Kitchen Interior Design.

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5. Select countertop

The counter top work space, to the stove, and to the sink should not be too wide or big to get obstacles in the way. Make sure you have the space to work appropriately in.

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6. Wall colors

Wall color in the kitchen is great way to bring in color without being overwhelming. It gives a positive vibes and creates a fun while cooking. Use light colors which will expand the space of the kitchen area.

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7. Hide sink

Avoid placing sink in island kitchen. Because a messy island bench can make an interiors look messy. So make sure you build up a bench across the sink to hide the mess.

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8. Key storage

Storage convenience has become a precious design idea in kitchens with one of the major trends in. Storage key removes the frustration of searching the items in cupboards which are difficult to find in a messy space.

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9. Tiled splash back

Tiles provide a good alternative and are equally easy to maintain. Depending on your choice, tiles can also often be to avoid spots in the wall space while cooking.

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10. Flooring

Kitchen flooring has a huge impact on the overall look of the whole room. This idea makes durability of functions. It is mostly designed to avoid the low maintenance which reduces the durability.

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11. Contrasting materials

Wood, granite, texture and color of contrasting material gives a wow factor in the kitchen space as well as in.

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