3BHK home interior designing styles

A home is a place where all of us look for comfort after a tired and hectic day at our workplaces. Home is a reflection of your personality and your outlook towards life.So most of us like to style our house interiors aesthetically beautiful along with practical to stay in too. If you are new in Bangalore city and shifted to a new or rented 3 BHK apartment recently, then you must be looking for ideas to style your new den beautifully. Getting interior designing right is very crucial as it helps in enhancing the architecture vital elements of the flat. If designing is not done with proper planning and great research, it can make a 3 BHK apartment look clustered and dull — select styler which can make your apartment look spacious and beautiful too.

Interior designing of any corner of the house need a lot of patience and knowledge about the same. So if you do not have much time to devote, then you should seek help from a professional in Bangalore. Hiring an interior designer is one of the practical and most comfortable ways to design your new house, but it is attached to a cost which is not comfortable for everyone to afford so if you are looking for interior designing styles which are budget friendly and does not cause much burden on your pocket.

So here are some tips and ideas which will be helpful for you to design your 3 BHK apartment efficiently:

1. Conceptualize :

When we speak of interior design, two integral aspects come to the forefront; aesthetics, and utility. Before starting the actual process you need to sit and think about what type of house you exactly want after the interiors. Talk to your family members if you have any family. If you are staying alone, then it should be purely your decision to decide the outcome of the designing process. Make sure you consider expectation and need of every family members depending on their age and gender too. Check various websites and magazines to get an idea about the look you want for your apartment. Finalize one look after discussing with your family members also.

Image of Conceptualize Bangalorewhite bedroom rug beautiful elegant design and style asian inspired decor themed from fuzzy area – theprereq

2. Falling Into the Showroom Look

Make an unforgettable impression with living rooms that reflect your personality. It is a very crucial factor while selecting the style of the interior designing of your house.You need to decide a maximum limit so that your designing process should not bring holes in your yearly budget. It also helps in reduction if impulsive decisions and shopping too. Divide budget into different parts according to the number of rooms and area that need to be styled.

Image of Falling Into the Showroom Look BangaloreFalling Into the Showroom Look – cliqueinc

3. Personality

A bedroom should be a reflection of your personality so make sure you select items as per your taste and preferences only so that you should be comfortable while staying in it. Before buying anything from the market, sit calmly and prepare a list of what items you want in your house. Do not rush to buy everything available in the market to decorate. Select the items which matches your personality and what type of atmosphere you want to prepare in that corner of the house. Make your style statement, it is not compulsory to follow any particular style if you are confident enough about your decisions.

Image of Personality Bangaloreinterior designers – innerspacedesign

4. Inner Space

Inner Space, one of the top interior designers and home decorators in Bangalore, it can always maintain consistent standard quality to create a desired interior design. This is one of the most crucial factors while deciding interior styling of your 3 BHK apartment. You need to understand a residence cannot be as spacious as an individual house, so plan a style which utilizes the space to the maximum, does not bring out an overcrowded look. Add lights to every corner of the home wherever possible, select the light color of walls as it helps in giving a more spacious look to the house.

Image of  Inner Space Bangalorevilla interior design – innerspacedesign

5. Wall Colors

While designing the bedroom, walls are an essential element but are usually ignored. So first it is advised to select a wall color depending on which you will choose the upholstery and other decorative items for the room. Revitalize the home interiors with modular kitchen interiors, living room interiors, elegant and innovative bedroom interiors, office interior decoration that correlate your lifestyle. Select the wall color depending on other light sources in your apartment so that each room look different from each other. There are various apps available on the mobiles which can help you in selecting the best color. You can also try the patch testing option to get a real look of the color in the room.

Image of Wall Colors BangaloreCool Bedroom Rug – muamuadolls

6. Classic neutral colors

Keep your interiors minimal yet detailed to the right amount. It is very crucial to select the furniture which matches the interiors of your house. If you have formal setting style theme, then look for furniture which is sober, leather material etc. Whereas if you have selected Peppy interiors then select arty furniture and add colors with bright color cushions over it.You can use try using contrasting colors cushions for your room? Do not clutter a room with furniture instead select it by practical use? Try to choose one which lasts for a few years as we usually do not change it every year.

Image ofClassic neutral colorssmall bedroom storage ideas modern black laminated wood – deviantom

7. Buying a Classy Rug

Rugs helps in improvising the style of a room and the house too. There are a variety of rugs available in the market, in various sizes, colors, and materials. So depending on the type of furniture, a place where it needs to use to select some rugs for your house. Select ones which add class to the area where it is used. Expensive one requires a lot of maintenance so if you do not want to devote so much time and efforts on its cleaning then look for synthetic material rugs only.

Image of Buying a Classy RugStylish Bedroom Rug – muamuadolls

8. Hanging Art correctly

You need to wise in selecting art and other collectibles for the 3BHK flat.You cannot place a cactus need your Television because you bought it.Keep in mind the look you have decided earlier and check how art piece is going to enhance the interiors of the house.
A home does not have a defined definition; it only becomes perfect where the “heart is”. You can research and plan everything related to interior designing of your 3 BHK in Bangalore so minutely, but you cannot avoid mistakes while styling your house. Errors can come to light only when you implement it. So do not get disheartened when you make mistakes, try to get rid of it if possible.

Image of Buying a Classy Rugart for bedroom – galleryfy

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