7 space-saving ideas in a functional kitchen design

The kitchen is the heart and soul of our home; we as a family spend the majority of our time at the kitchen. So it is essential to have a kitchen that inspires us to cook and keep it organized. Every individual wants a well-lit dream kitchen, has all modern kitchen amenities with huge pantry and workspace. Big or small a kitchen doesn’t inspire you unless it's functional. Best Modular Kitchen design is one that not only looks beautiful but is functional. Big is not always better; what matters is how we use the available space.

Few Ideas for efficient and functional Kitchen design:

Just because you don’t have a massive kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sacrifice on style or function. Below are seven space saving ideas that will help you to maximize the space you have with innovative storage options.

1. Galley Kitchen:

If you're constructing a house or remolding one and are short of space for kitchen, consider a Galley Kitchen. Galley kitchen style is classic that provides with enough storage and also keeps your kitchen clutter-free and stylish. Galley style kitchen offers you plenty of counter space, which can be used as a prep area or to display your decor. This style of the kitchen comes with a Pass - through that can serve as a breakfast bar. What more do you need, this style of kitchen check all boxes from storage to style and from functional to Modular Kitchen Design.

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2. Kitchen back-splash and folding table:

This idea might look small for Kitchen Designers, but they have a significant impact on saving space and making your kitchen design Functional. A stainless steel pegboard back-splash has a dual purpose; it will protect your kitchen walls from spills and also serve as a storage area to hang your most used kitchen tools. These peg boards can also be used in other parts of the kitchen, suppose you have an empty wall in your kitchen, fixing a peg board to it will solve the storage problem, you can hang pots and pans on it, which can act as decor. If you're someone who likes to have a kitchen table, then opt for a folding table in a small kitchen, this will space floor space and also act as extra counter space.

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3. Opt for a Single bowl and under mount sink:

Before designing your kitchen spend some time to get to know about interior designing and how Interior Designers plan their layout. This will help you to have a kitchen that is not only stylish but also functional. Just going for a single bowl under mount sink will help you save a lot of space in your kitchen, this will give you added counter space as the edges of the sink is concealed. Small - Scale single bowl sink comes in all styles even in farmhouse style.

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4. Optimum utilization of Vertical space:

Have an accent wall in a kitchen, it can be as simple as a black wall, but do not use this space to hang photo frames or showcase your decor. The interior design of the kitchen is key for functionalism. Make the most of the available space by mounting rows of racks on the wall from floor to ceiling. Use this to store and showcase your bowls and cups. Get a bar fixed in this space, use an S - hook to store kitchen tools. Vertical storage can also work inside the cabinets, using kitchen organizers like the non skid - tiered spice rack, can rack, lazy Susan turntable, bins and clear jars to store food grains in your pantry, this will not only save space inside your cabinet but also keep all like items organized and neat. When your kitchen is organized and looks pretty, it is much more likely that you will cook in it.

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5. Invest in Lighting:

Kitchen designers or designer's in general always pay more attention to lighting while planning their layout. A well-lit kitchen gives us an illusion of the room being spacious. Always opt for clear white lights instead of dim and yellow ones. If possible get a skylight fit in your kitchen, this will bring in a lot of natural light in the day time that will save electricity bill. In night time having a skylight in your kitchen is beautiful, on a clear day you will be able to enjoy the night sky and stars while having or making dinner in your kitchen. Under cabinet lighting is a popular choice for creating functional kitchen design.

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6. Keep your surfaces clean:

There are many tricks to make a room feel bigger than it is, one simple and effective way is to have your surfaces clear and clutter to the minimum or completely free. Kitchen design should have a home to every item in your kitchen is the best way to keep your surfaces clear. Try and get cupboards built from floor to roof. Even if you would like to store appliance on the top of the cupboard, ensure you store them in baskets or boxes that match. Get your microwave wall mounted and utilize the space around your fridge to store items not used regularly. Get rid of old and worn out items, and remove all possessions which do not belong in a kitchen. Decorate your surface or counter with fresh flowers or kitchen herbs which has a double benefit.

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7. Pull out Pantry:

Biggest concern for small kitchen design is Pantry storage; a pullout pantry is a solution for small kitchen to utilize the space to the max. A slim pull out pantry can be tucked into the tightest space available in the kitchen. Even the items stored in the way back of the pantry can be easily accessed. This method can also be used in cabinets too, a pull out cabinets will help you utilize every inch of space available in Kitchen.

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A functional kitchen is one where your cabinets, countertop and prep area is clutter free if these areas are messy and unorganized your hard will be for nothing. Always try and come up with ways to organize the kitchen that works for you and your family. Do not use your kitchen as a command station or home office. Having a home for every item in your kitchen will keep your kitchen clean and bright. Design your kitchen that seduces, shape and perhaps evoke an emotional response.

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