Apartment Interior design Styles for a 2 BHK home in Bangalore

Home is the place that heals and home is the place where the heart is. When one moves to a smaller house, say a double bedroom apartment, he or she likes to make the most out of living space and keep it decorative and stylish according to the trend. You can find a contemporary style of design as the cozy and comfortable one to keep your home attractive and warm. Nowadays many customers are looking for interior designers who are capable of maintaining the living space cozy, original, and attractive. Generally, modern interior designers use black and white as the staple colors to decorate a small and cozy household.

1. Contemporary design :

Some might feel that contemporary interior design look cold and dull, but it is the best one when it comes to affordability and coziness. Contemporary design, in reality, enhances the architectural beauty of the smaller households or apartments. This kind of design resembles rustic architecture that makes use of age-old stone and brick designs in an innovative manner that makes you feel closer to the nostalgia of your ancestral homes or villages. Many interior designers use black and white in the living room to give a contemporary look, but if you want to create a pacifying environment, you can go for pale colors like pink or cream for one wall of the room. However, contemporary designs provide added ambiance and create a welcoming environment at the entrance.

Image of Contemporary design BangaloreLibrary House – dialjordan

2. Windows and Doors

Most of the interior designers suggest to not to give much importance to adorning the windows. Attractive furnishings and curtains are enough to provide the windows the most wanted cozy look. If you stay in a ground floor apartment, you can use bamboo blinds for the windows to protect your privacy and prevent others from peeping through your windows. You need to focus on shapes and sizes of doors, walls, and windows when you need interior decoration in contemporary style. Installing bamboo blinds can provide privacy and provide the most needed decoration to your windows. You can install dark colored curtains to your windows if you don’t like to install blinds to your windows. When it comes to the living room, you can use pale colored curtains and furnishings to the windows to provide much light into the room and add to them, but when it comes to interior rooms like bedrooms, dark-colored curtains are preferable.

Sleek designed furnishings are better than curved furnishings since these designs provide a simple but ambient look to the household. You need not to invest much for adorning windows or doors in contemporary style design since no elevations are suggested for windows and doors. But, texture plays a crucial role in contemporary style interior designs. Since curved decors give a classical and traditional look, sleek decors are suggestible for modern condo apartments. Classical and traditional furnishings and decors are older style . Hence modern designers are looking for sleek and stylish designs to adorn small and cozy apartments. However, the style of the building is a deciding factor in choosing the decoration for doors and windows.

Image of Windows and Doorsliving room perfect designs inspirations – nativeasthma

3. Mix and match bedroom decoration

Decorating bedrooms is a tough thing when it comes to modern customers. Rugs and curtains with contemporary colors adore the master, and when it comes to children bedrooms, there are many 3D and thematic decors flooding into the market that suit your taste. You cannot stick to the same design coming to your kid's bedroom since the choice of your kids change with age. You can go for temporary stickering and furnishings for adoring your kid's bedroom instead of choosing expensive and non-renewable styles to decorate your kids' bedroom.

Image of Mix and match bedroom decoration Bangalore

4. Modern feel Kitchen

Many customers are opting for the modular kitchen, but the decors of your kitchen should suit the ambiance of your living room. Since the decorations in the kitchen are prone to dirt frequently, it is difficult to maintain the cleanliness of the space. Most of the contemporary designers prefer neutral patterns to adorn the kitchen, and many nature lovers love to provide specified area for growing kitchen herbs as a part of interior decoration and to provide a healthy environment in the kitchen. Growing herbs like basil, mint, and coriander in kitchen is a common practice abroad but this fashion made its advent in India a few years ago. Decorating household with green curtains or artificial plants in the home is an age-old fashion but nowadays most of the customers are using natural succulent plants to decorate the home mainly in living spaces and bedrooms. Small plants like snake plant and mother-in-law’s tongue are common plants used to adore living rooms and bedrooms and provide serenity and beauty to the place.

Image of Modern feel Kitchendesign ideas – ikea

5. Elevate the bed

You can build a custom build unit that has the elevated bed platform with simple lines and luminous characteristic, the very cozy working area underneath, completed with a massive whiteboard, roomy desk, and stand-up computer station and of course, the cleverly hidden compartments of the storage units and extra guest bed.

Image of Elevate the bed

6. Tips adore the living room

Wood, glass, grey shades and metal accessories can give a modern look for the contemporary designed building whereas traditional decors might look boring in contemporary style interior decoration. For example, if the living room is in regular shape and size, you can go for a blend of classical and contemporary decors, but if the living space is congested, you need to place only contemporary and modern accessories. In contemporary design, jute rug or carpet add welcoming ambiance to the living room, and most of the interior designers are suggesting not to use gaudy elevations for room partitions or window decors in the living room.
Many contemporary designers suggest simple decors like smiley vases and simple carpets to give an appealing appearance to the living room.

Image of Tips adore the living roomTips adore the living room – bebitalia


Finding a space to live in is a simple thing but making it comfortable and healing is in your hands. You can find the best suggestions for designing your condo apartment and adorning it through the internet and adopt the designs you like and can renew them whenever you want with your creativity and aesthetic taste.

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