Best Interior design Trends in Bangalore

Interior design has been existing since the beginning of times. With people trying to find new ways to fancy up the place that they spend most of their time, interior design has its reach far and wide. There are countless ways to experiment since interior design is co-related with trying something new and funky or edgy and classy depending on the choice. There are a range of short term and long term courses being offered now for anyone who wants to learn the art along with all basics a nitty gritty.

Speaking of Interior design, Bangalore is a city in India which has people from all parts of the globe. This has, in turn, resulted in the mix of ethnicity of all kinds and along with each type comes the pattern integral to them. Let us have a look at the best interior design trends currently trending in Bangalore-

1. Minimalism:

With the current generation growing increasingly concerned about the environment, Minimalism which has been a popular concept in the west is soon catching up in Bangalore. Minimalism refers to keeping no or less furnishing in one’s home or workspace or someone’s life overall. This leads to less clutter and leaves enough space for personal growth. Having more area also has a psychological effect and motivates one to think more clearly and more straight mind. One of the significant advantages of following a minimalistic way of lifestyle is, it leads to less wastage and hence less harmful to the environment since most of the things can be reused.

Image of Kitchen Interior Design BangaloreMinimalism – designcafe

2. Floors and Ceilings

Experimenting with just the floors and ceilings in a house affects the overall interiors. Laying out tiles or marble on the floor with patterns and intricate designs gives a quirky edge. Similarly, with the ceiling, one can either experiment with painting or chandeliers. Likewise for the walls, one can opt for wallpaper instead of standard paints. Bold geometric patterns are most preferred these days.

Image of Perfect Kitchen Interior Design BangaloreInterior-Design-Styles – luxdeco

3. Using Cork

Cork as a form of interior designing is in vogue in Bangalore. Not only does it give a more classy look but also provides a more organic feel to the walls, floors or whichever furnishing it is used in

Image of Best Kitchen Interior Design BangaloreIKEA Sinnerlig collection dining table – homeklondike

4. Inspirational design

This comes entirely from the occupant point of view and can be varied in its look and feel. The person occupying the place choose to design the entire area by what colors or patterns he or she prefers. It does not have to be defined to standard norms and leaves a huge bandwidth for experimentation and options.

Image of Modular Kitchen Interior Design BangaloreInspirational design – designcafe

5. Warm and earthy neutrals

Using neutral colors as a form of expressing subtle designs are a great way to go. Using these colors in pillows and bedsheets and co-coordinating the same with the color of curtains and wall color gives a more classy and clean look to the overall interiors.

Image of Stylish Kitchen Interior Design BangaloreWarm and earthy neutrals – Design Cafe

6. Using the black and bold statement

One can never go wrong with black however the idea of using black as a color for interiors can feel a little off. But it is the exact opposite of what it feels. Using black gives a bold feel to the overall interiors and has been trending in the best interior design trends in Bangalore. The same is paired up with neutral colors as mentioned above, and one is introduced to a whole new idea of interior design.

Image of Luxurious Kitchen Interior Design Using the black and bold statement – Design Cafe

7. Vintage

Bangalore speaks vintage. So why not use the same in interiors as well. With years of overwhelming history to its advantage, the interiors can be tried in the same way to give an overall feel of the city one stays in. One more advantage being the easily accessible vintage furnishing that one can use. These are dated back to years of British era and easily available in stores. Vintage has always been defined as a classy form of interior designing.

Image of Kitchen Interior DesignVintage – Design Cafe

8. Materials used

The kind of materials one uses for furnishing matters since the same should be in sync with the climate of the city one is staying in. In Bangalore, the weather remains relatively pleasant however opting for lighter materials gives one a more comfortable stay.

Image of Stylish Kitchen Interior Design Materials used – Design Cafe

9. Setting up a white kitchen

There have been a variety of designs introduced when it comes to a kitchen. Modular forms ensuring optimal use of available storage and effective organizing leaving enough space for free movement have helped to make the kitchen a more comfortable space. The white kitchen looks clean and sleek. If one is worried about stains and the effort that needs to be put in to maintain the same, one can always choose materials for the kitchen that do not stain easily and are relatively easier to clean.

Image of Modular Kitchen Interior DesignWhite-u-shaped-kitchen – homestratosphere

10. Heavy metal

Heavy metal tops the list for design trends in Bangalore. Shiny metals for lamps and table stand gives a more decorative look. Copper is especially preferred for the metal look to be more dramatic.

Image of  Best Kitchen Interior DesignSetting up a white kitchen – Design Cafe

11. Terracotta

Terracotta being a naturally available material has become increasingly famous as a preferred material for interior design. It gives the home an earthier and cozy feeling in general.

Image of Residential Interior Designers in BangaloreTerra-cotta-tiles-make-their-presence – decoist

Interior design is not just about improving the look and feel of a place or flaunt a space. It is about optimizing the available space to serve its purpose better. It is all about how well the functionalities perform. Hence stress is given on individual needs and requirement. The best kind of interior design is not what appears fancy but what suits ones' needs the best. The home is one’s own space and should reflect who that person is.

Above listed were a few trends for interior design ideas in Bangalore. Since every season brings with it something new, aesthetics can always be modified as per changes. Hence it is ideal to choose basic furniture that lasts over seasons and do not need to be changed often. Also, furnishing that can be easily changed without costing too much is preferred since they ensure longevity over time.

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