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Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the beauty of the interior spaces aesthetically while making it functional for the user. A good interior designer is one who has mastered the art of using the seven principles in interior design such as space, line, form, light, color, texture and pattern in the right way to create a harmonious space. However, the interior designers seem to be laying emphasis on one principle than the other in different periods of time. This has given rise to a number of styles. Living room interior design , in particular, would clearly let you learn about the style of interior design.

Styles of interior design

The different types of styles include Scandinavian, minimalist, traditional, transitional, mid-century modern, industrial, contemporary and modern styles with each one of them implying special characteristic features that allow for the classification of the same. Of these, the contemporary and the modern styles are of recent origin and are easily the styles that are used alternatively in Living room interior design or any other designing project. However, even those who have been in the designing field might find it difficult to clearly distinguish the different styles especially the modern and the contemporary design.

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What is a contemporary design?

Contemporary design refers to the style of designing spaces that was developed or followed in the latter half of the 20th century. Though the contemporary style is almost like the modern style in terms of minimalist approach and aesthetic appeal, the contemporary design focuses on

  • Neutral elements
  • Bold color
  • Line shape
  • Form
  • Use of furnishing pieces that feature rounded and softened lines
When compared to the modern design which focuses on stark lines, use of natural materials especially wood, using more of neutrals with a pop of color etc. The contemporary Living room interior design refers to those design elements with a different look and feel in the present which would not be considered as contemporary in 5-10 years from now when there is an availability for new materials and pieces. In other words, you can safely conclude that the contemporary design style is one that keeps evolving always.

Playful Combinations in a contemporary Living Room

Modern living rooms can be warm, inviting, and sometimes even downright cozy. Though the terms modern and contemporary are used interchangeably, modern actually denotes the design styles that belong to the time period between the 1920s and 1950s. The contemporary design ideas that your living space, especially the living room can benefit from include

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Bringing in light

The modern and pre-modern design periods laid emphasis on closed-off rooms and small windows which was aimed at producing dark interior effects. The contemporary design focuses on bringing in light into the interiors effortlessly by letting in natural light to create an airy and well-lit room utilizing glass windows of large size, skylights, translucent glass for the doorways to other rooms from the living room for privacy etc.

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Color options and Art in a Modern Living Room

The contemporary style focuses on the use of neutral tones of grey, brown, black and white for the flooring, furnishing, and fabric for upholstery and drapes and lighting fixtures. The Living room interior design of contemporary style makes up for the neutral shades which might be dull and boring by letting the metal details of the furniture to break the monotony. Another style employed is the judicious use of textures and patterns that really enhance the aesthetic appeal of the living room.

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Connect with the Outdoors

The Living room interior design of the contemporary style is done using sofas, tables etc that are devoid of heavy ornamentation and those that are stuffy in nature. Make sure there's plenty of breathing room between spaces and don't over decorate. The furniture used in the living rooms are designed are usually light in weight, raised off the floor, and quite simple and casual. This is meant to give an airy feeling to the room and would offer a relaxed atmosphere to live in.

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Flooring and Mid-Century Flair

The contemporary style emphasizes on less stuff and minimal lines. But, they emphasize on enhancing the aesthetic appeal by increasing the expanse of bare floor available and giving it a great finish using organic elements which include ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, hardwood, marble etc. They also use these materials in an effective way to break up the space available visually especially the living room area and the dining area. Using rugs for underfoot comfort and resilient flooring for a crisp and modern touch are also elements of a contemporary style of Living room interior design .

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Open floor plans

The contemporary style aims at using all the interior space available effectively for which it emphasizes on reducing the use of walls and doors as boundaries of living spaces. This means that the interior design of the home is just one single plan and not one that is specific for each part of the home.

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Hidden and remote access technology

There are a lot of technology-driven products that you might place in the living room. the contemporary style ensures that these technological elements that are a part of the Living room interior design have the wires that are required to operate the systems hidden behind the beautiful details. The hidden luxury details add to the aesthetic appeal of the living room. The contemporary style of interior design is ever-changing. Like any other style, there is no doubt that even the contemporary style of interior design borrows or is influenced by certain design elements from the other styles of interior design. But, the specialty of contemporary design lies in the fact that it does not follow strict and formal design rules. However, it is minimalist in nature and is a mix and match of various styles that helps in creating a gorgeous interior design that you would love to live in.

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