Interior designs for stylish kid’s room

Interiors define one’s personality and not just that, it helps shape one. Time and again, a significant amount of importance has been given to the environment where a child grows because the surroundings determine a child’s future to a large extent.

Designing a kid’s room can be a hectic task and a costly one as well. Hence let’s look at a few tips that can help develop your child’s office that is fun, ambitious and not too heavy on your pockets-

1. Color:

This is the first element that you choose while designing any room. However, when choosing a paint for your kids, people tend to prefer either blue if it’s a boy and pink if it’s a girl. And this is precisely where people go wrong. While this two definition of colors works perfectly well, there is a high possibility that kids might outgrow such patterns leading one to redo an entire place. Hence the ideal way is to choose colors that are classy and will remain over time. Shades such as white, peach and lighter colors not only give a warm feeling to the room but also can be painted upon in future as and when required..

Image of Effect of colors in kids bedroom Kid Bedrooms – Architectural Digest

2. Furnishing:

If one is designing a room for two kids, bunkers are an ideal way. They not just occupy less space but are also fun to use. Bunkers are safe and can last for longer years. Furnishing for kids room should be chosen that can be used for a while. Buying smaller chairs and beds are a massive loss of money given that kids grow up and you would eventually need to replace the same.

Image of Furnishings of kids room with bunkersTrendy kids room with a bubble chair and bunk beds – Decoist

3. Toys:

Now this is the most debated one. No surprise that toys are essential for kids. One cannot quite imagine their childhood without toys of all kinds. However, like every other aspect of your kid's life, toys are also temporary and are soon gotten over with. Toys again should be as per your kid's personality and not just what defines the norm. There is a possibility that you have a little girl who does not like dolls or a boy who loves books to let that personality grow for your child and bring out the best in them.

Image of Importance of toys in kids interior roomChildrens Toy Room – Octees

4. Patterns:

Be it the sheets that you use, curtains or the mats if you want to reuse it for long years, it is ideal to go for geometric patterns that do not go out of style and has a more classy feel to it. So goes with animal and floral prints. You can experiment with models as much as you can since pretty much everything suits as long as you stay true to the original idea. Wallpapers of different kinds can also be used that provides you a full bandwidth for replacing the same in a gap of a few years.

Image of Geometric patterns in interior designingKid Bedrooms – Architectural Digest

5. Space:

If you have a relatively smaller area for your kid's bedroom, you can experiment with bunkers and storage spaces to give a more cozy feeling to the room. One can opt for furniture that has multiple usages rather than occupying one single space like a sofa that can be used as a bed, wall mirror that has inbuilt shelves and bookshelves that can accommodate clothes as well.

Image of Management of interior space in kids roomSpacious Kids Room – Style Homes

6. Themes:

It is usually helpful if one decides on an idea for a room. Be it Disney or space or art. One can choose the furnishing and room decor as per the subject. See what suits your kid the best. The same also gives the space to make your kids think and make them curious as per things around them. Go for Disney if fairy tales and princesses smite your kid, choose a space theme if that is what appeals to your kid. Space themes are pretty cool, and one can find a variety of projector lamps and lights online that can light up the room and gives a beautiful feel. If you think your kid is artsier, it only makes sense to choose a theme that appeals to the creative side.

Parents are always excited about making the space for their kids more appealing and more creative to give them the best they can. A lot of planning and research usually follows this. If you are still clueless, you can always look up sites for ideas and inspiration. Various online sites experiment with kid’s room decor, and also show a range of different themes with pictures that you can mix and match with. And it is not just the online sites; there are various retail shops that can show you ready rooms and you can find all the decor at one single place. These shops usually have experts that can suggest what can work best for you as per your needs and requirements. Be it limited space or no room at all; interior designers can make up an area as quickly as just putting up a false ply wall and make available the space that you need.

Sometimes it is not just space but the area that you stay at. Depending on your geographical location, various factors affect while choosing your decor. You can be in a humid environment or a warm one; the room needs to be modified accordingly to make it as comfortable as possible. Opting for lighter shades and thin curtains if you stay in a warm environment and opting for brighter shades and more bulky furnishing helps in keeping the room warm if you wait in a colder climate. Also. Lighting in a room plays a significant role in giving the ambient feeling. You can opt for cherry lights, projector lamps or designer ones. You know what suits your kids the best, hence you can refer to the points as mentioned above and make an informed decision. Kids room decor is a crucial aspect, and you can ensure that you utilize the same optimally through proper planning and references from people who have already worked on the same.

Image of Disney interior theme for kidsInterior design themes kids – Homeaway

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