L-shape modern kitchen designs

L shaped kitchens are a preferred design for optimally utilizing the available space and maximizing the same. The appliances and furnishing are in a perpendicular shape that makes it an adequate option to multi-use an open room.
You can opt for less counter space and instead place chairs where people can sit. This also serves as a dining space and avoids clutter from useless appliances that happens when you have extra space which is not utilised correctly. Let us look at a few critical aspects associated with L-shaped modern kitchen designs-

1. Ergonomics

This is first important aspect that L-shaped kitchen adheres to. Ergonomics is a term for optimally utilizing available space for maximizing efficiency. When it comes to kitchen space, the same should be easy to clean and cook and devoid of clutter. L shaped designs promise the same and hence are widely opted for.

Image of Ergonomic-modern-kitchen-in-Spanish-home-Interior-with-White-Furniture-Design-IdeasErgonomic modern kitchen in Spanish home – STEPINIT DESIGN

2. Cabinets and walls

The cabinets are the space that is going to store most of your equipment. Opting for longer cabinets if the ceiling is low is an ideal option. Also having an open concept to the house gives it a more friendly vibe. No walls in the kitchen help to interact with the members sitting outside. Also, you can opt for a small opening in the wall to be able to serve food through the same in case if you have a division and you are renovating. That, in turn, helps in family bonding and aids in the close watch on the kids while the mom is busy in completing household chores.

Image of Chrome-features-kitchen-all-black-panelling-concrete-floorAll black panelling concrete floor – Home Designing

3. Multiple cooks

Now this is a concern for the majority of homeowners. And hence where an L-shaped design comes in. The perpendicular shape of the layout gives ample amount of floor space. You might have experienced areas where you are barred from entering the kitchen because of the limited space and is usually a sort of inconvenience for the host. Well that form of concern is generally taken care of by L shaped kitchen layout where two people can cook together with enough space in hand.

Image of multiple-cooks BangaloreL-shaped – Pixabay

4. Lighting

Proper lighting in a kitchen is essential since the same affects the dish you are preparing especially if you want to make it special. If there is a lack of natural lighting in the room because of the direction it faces, opt for skylight or lamps that can make up for it. To add visual interest, avoid encumbering the walls; in its place have tall windows for adequate daylight to enter. Having ceiling lights also help given that they come in a variety of designs and you can choose one that goes with the apparent theme of your house and also provides an aesthetic touch for spacing. Opt for small or bulky lights as per your taste.

Image of lighting_kitchen_island BangaloreLighting Kitchen Island – Interior Deluxe

5. Storage

This is crucial, and homeowners can get particularly creative with this one. There are times when the size of the family is large, and you need more space for storage. In such a scenario opting for the multilevel room that has an inner and outer storage space is a great choice and aids in the efficient utilization of the wall and cabinets. You can choose a from a variety of cabinets or design your own. For utilizing tricky corner spaces in the modular kitchen, today one can choose from many different types of corner storage cabinet options.

Image of 29-Kitchens-with-Double-Wall-Ovens BangaloreKitchens with Double Wall Ovens – Homestratosphere

6. Cooking Style

If you are someone who does the cooking, you can opt for your own small space in the kitchen where you can sit and maybe brainstorm a few tips. You can personalize this space either by adding a poster or photograph or perhaps anything that inspires you to try out something new in your cooking. On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to cook on the go, you can utilize your L shaped kitchen by customizing the space wherein you can keep your ingredients handy, so you do not need to spend much time looking for items to add.

Image of modular-kitchen-designs-small-area-modular-kitchen-designs-for-small-kitchens-home-design-ideasModular kitchen designs for small area – Siterubix

7. Reuse

There are times when you have just rented an apartment for a short while and need to move soon. In such a case, the chances are that you would not want to spend a lot a lot and keep it as minimal as possible. L shaped kitchens are of extensive use in such cases given its clutter-free aesthetic that prevents you from spending on appliances that you do not need and also for the resale value of the equipment that you already have.

Image of lp-stylus-reuselp-stylus – Sleekworld

8. Placing an Island

The island is usually the middle space in the kitchen where you can put maybe a table for people to sit on. This again gives a more personalized touch allowing your family members to participate in the conversation or even cooking while you are at it. This is also an excellent place for involving your kids in activities or maybe keep a check while they do their homework.

Image of island-modular-kitchenIsland modular kitchen – Imimg

9. Effective work triangle

The work triangle refers to the sink, stove, and fridge. Now, these three are very important given that they play significant roles in any kitchen. L shaped kitchen layout helps optimize this as well through the sing up of space in a way that makes moving between these three seamless and without taking much time.

Image of parellels1Parellels Kitchen – Trendy Kitchen World

L shaped kitchens are a perfect option with ample bandwidth for customizing. Be it any energy efficient appliance or emergency plugins or small devices that you entirely cannot live without. L shaped kitchens have the capacity of providing you with the same. If you are in a situation wherein the house was, and you need to remodel and redesign the kitchen area to fit your space efficiency needs, it is ideal that you take help from a professional in the field who can assist efficiently while doing the same.

Fill it with colors or adopt a more subtle look, you know what fits you the best. From taking small shelves to adding small plants or a more rustic feel to the place, there are endless options to experiment with. Meals are essential and so is the place where it is made. Your kitchen defines your taste whether be it hosting someone, a get-together or family members, make sure you utilize the same to the fullest.

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